Last Monday while I was at work in Barrow-In-Furness my Wife called to say Text & Calls at home in Bellshill weren’t working, she couldn’t call (connection error) and text messages weren’t being sent. I tried calling her mobile and was just getting transfered to her voice mail?

She had full 3G signal (Always do at Home, the one joy of 3) on her Nokia 6120 Classic, so I got her to do the usual of turning phone off & on, turning phone off and pull the sim then back in and turn on, changing the network connection in settings from automatic to manual to select the correct network, etc.. but nothing I tried help.

She later called outside the kids school to say the phone was working again (see got 5 text messages thru and her sister called), but later on that evening I got another call from the wife on the house phone to say the phone was broken again.

This went like this for the next 3 days till I arrived back home on the Monday night to check for myself what the problem was. Wife kept moaning the phone was broken and she wanted a new one, but I tried calling her on my E71 and I couldn’t call and was getting connection errors the exact same thin she was getting, so a def network issue.

Called 3 to complain and the issue was passed to Technical Support too investigate, but what to do in the meantime? I quickly changed the Network Mode on my rebranded E71 it ‘GSM Only’ and had a perfect 2G connection (Orange Network), but what to do with my Wife’s 3UK Branded Nokia 6120 Classic as I couldn’t lock it to 2G only and it would never switch to 2G on its own as it always seen a perfect 3G signal even though it was broken?

There was no other option but to rebrand the phone and change the phones firmware to Generic EURO1 to allow me to release the 3UK restriction on locking to ‘GSM Only’. The Wife’s phone was working again 🙂

3UK Technical Support called 2 days later to say the fault had been fixed and I switched her phone back to 3G, but got me thinking what normal phone users would do in the same circumstances? They would have probably went without a mobile phone for 7 days and bitched & moaned about the 3UK Network, then possibly think twice about renewing their contract when it come to an end? How know, but what would you think if you couldn’t use ur mobile for 7 days?

NOTE: Process used to rebrand is HERE